Posting guidelines

First Impressions

Because images are worth a thousand word, if you are posting a Premium Listing, make sure you have a strong and well formatted image as your main image. Showing it within a context, used in an attractive completed project or performing its purpose will get your product a lot of attention. Remember we are all visual people and we love pictures!

Vignette/Main Image Size:
Additional Image Size:

Group Similar Products

If you are posting a variety of products that are very similar in function or appearance, it is beneficial to group these under one posting, and explain the differences within the post. Draw them in and let them see the breadth of your products.

First Paragraph

For both the Basic Listing and the Premium Listing, provide a clear and concise explanation of your product in the first paragraph. Go into more detail in later paragraphs if you would like to. In addition to this being a standard of good presentation, it also is what is displayed on the general search page.

Additional Information

Premium Listings have the option to provide additional information. Architect, builders and contractors like to have as much information as possible, so feel free to include detail descriptions of uses, installation, dimensions, tests, and green or sustainable credentials.

Green it Up

Make sure to include any green or sustainable credentials your product might have. People using LocalSource, like the earth friendly products and we do to!


Provide the contact information for the person or web link that best matches with the product, people will often email directly from LocalSource, and just like you, we want to make sure they reach the right person and information.

Additional Guidlines

LocalSource may decline to accept advertising and posts that:

  • Contain fraudulent, deceptive or misleading statements or illustrations; attacks of a personal nature; and advertisements that are overly competitive or that refer abusively to the goods or services of others.
  • Are offensive to good taste , indecent, vulgar, suggestive or other advertising that, in the opinion of LocalSource, may be construed as offensive to good taste.
  • Contain discriminatory language/images and fail to comply with the express requirements of federal and state laws.
  • Political advertisements that do not identify the paying sponsor in every frame of the ad will not be accepted.
  • Advertisements that, in our opinion, simulate LocalSource and may be confused with our web pages will not be accepted.

If an advertisement or post contains statements or illustrations that are not deemed acceptable, and that LocalSource thinks should be changed or eliminated, the advertiser will be notified. LocalSource will attempt to negotiate changes with the advertiser; however, if changes cannot be negotiated, the advertisement will be declined by LocalSource.